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Send Me a Selfie to Win!

Do you want to win some sweet Superbody prizes?Because I’m giving free product away every month!

Let me tell you a bit more about what we’re doing…

See…There are a lot of people in the world who want to put you down.

Who want to make you think that you’ll never be pretty enough. Healthy enough. Fit enough. Worth enough.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re online or in the checkout line, there are pictures everywhere that remind us of what we don’t have.

Well let’s show people that we are worth it. That it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. You, and I can invent (or re-invent) ourselves - one day at a time.

Cause we only get one life. We better give it everything we’ve got!

And it starts with Real Food - so we feel as good on the outside as we do on the inside :).

So let’s show each other! We want the world to know that Superbody’s Real Food Revolution is a reality.

So for your chance to win:

1. Take a selfie with your favorite Superbody product

2. Upload it to the Superbody Facebook or tag us on instagram @superbodybreakthrough with the hashtag #RealFoodRev

3. Then email the picture to

That’s it! You only need to enter once, and you’ll have a chance to win every month!a

I can’t wait to see your entries!