Real Ingredients. Real Food. Real Results.

In just 60 seconds a day, You can supercharge your life?

Energy Boost - Your body gets plenty of fatty acids from the grass-fed butter and Brain Brew™, which converts to energy almost instantly. And is NOT stored as fat.

Mental Clarity - Add a dose of Brain Brew™ to skyrocket your metabolism and boost your brain power.

Healthy Skin - Some studies suggest that collagen protein may help increase production of and strengthen the fibrils of the the skin.

Tastes Incredible - This isn’t a shake you’ll have to force down every day. You’ll actually WANT to drink our shakes in the morning.

Quick and Easy - When you want something fast or are traveling, it’s super easy to make a quick shake that will still help you reach your fitness goals.

Healthy Digestion - We add [healthy] enzymes to help your body absorb the nutrients it needs.

Supports Health - Studies suggest that collagen protein can improve bone and joint health, and provides lots of Omega 3’s.

All Natural - Packed with ingredients sourced from pasture-raised and grass-fed cows. We only want the best for your body.