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WakeShake Questions

Is it possible to try WakeShake before I buy?

Yes! You can order one free 7-serving sample at Just pay a small amount for shipping :) Note: We're only able to offer one free sample per customer. There are no autoship agreements either! Try out WakeShake just for the cost of shipping.

How much is it for a month's supply of WakeShake?

Full retail is $79.99 for a full month's supply; however, you can contact us for a 10% discount for ordering a full month supply at once. You can also save 15% by taking advantage of our subscribe and save program!

What is the active ingredient in WakeShake?

We use collagen from grass-fed cows as the main ingredient in WakeShake. Studies show that collagen can help renew and repair your body from the inside out. There is no green tea or caffeine in WakeShake.

What "type" of collagen do you use?

We use all natural bovine collagen sourced from grass-fed cows. The collagen is a mixture of types I, II, and III.

Is WakeShake safe to use while pregnant?

Does WakeShake contain Soy?

WakeShake is soy free, gluten free, whey free, and free of harmful fillers or additives. We only use natural ingredients. 

What are milk solids? 

According to, "'Milk solids' refers to the dried powder left after all the water is removed from liquid milk. It's similar to the milk powder you can buy at the supermarket. It helps give WakeShake a naturally smooth and creamy texture in the same way you would add a dollop of cream or swirl in some milk at the end of cooking to round off a home-made soup."

What are natural flavors?

Isn't there a lot of fat/saturated fat in WakeShake?

Studies show that consuming healthy fats every day can be extremely good for your overall health. Examples of "healthy fats" include grass-fed butter, avocado, coconut oil, MCT Oil, etc. We use grass-fed butter mixed with collagen protein from pasture-raised cows to make WakeShake. This perfect blend of healthy proteins and fats helps renew and repair your body, and keep you satisfied for hours. 

Does WakeShake contain dairy/lactose?

Why do you use collagen protein?

Studies have shown that supplementing your diet with collagen has a lot of healthy effects from repairing joints and reducing pain, to renewing and tightening skin, boosting metabolism, repairing your digestive system and more. And a lot of people just can't tolerate whey very well (including one of the owners). Can you mix this with hot/cold liquid?


Can WakeShake be used as a meal replacement?

Is WakeShake paleo friendly?


Brain Brew Questions

What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is an derivative of coconut and other oils that you can use to help energize your body. Here is an article to explain benefits better:

What can I put it in?

We recommend only using Brain Brew 2Go with ceramic, glass, or metal cups. In some cases, healthy fats with hot liquids (like MCT Oil in buttered coffee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, lemon oil) may affect the strength of styrofoam cups and begin to disintegrate them.

Is this an ethical product?

Definitely! We do not use any animal testing or byproduct - and neither do we exploit labor, animals, or the environment during the production of this product.

Major Meltdown Questions

Is Major Meltdown stimulant-free?

PowerLunch Questions

What makes PowerLunch different?

PowerLunch is a more "standard" whey-based protein meal replacement shake. It's available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Do you ship out of the USA?

Unfortunately we are not currently shipping our products outside the United States. We are working hard to open our international shipping soon, but we need to find the most cost effective way for our customers first!

Do you automatically sign up for recurring charges?

No! We do offer the opportunity to subscribe and save, but there are no automatically recurring charges. And you can cancel anytime.